"Keryn Sweeney draws inspiration from her love of art history, cinematography and fashion. The result is a rich and varied wedding photography style that showcases your whole wedding story in beautifully unrehearsed yet editorial frames.


Finding a wedding photographer that delicately dances the line between documentary and editorial is key for images that pour with both emotion and style. New Zealand’s Keryn Sweeney is one such photographer whose work beautifully balances the two. Her frames are cinematic yet unrehearsed, stylishly composed, yet honest. Every shot is palpable with feeling while steeped in a chic aesthetic. Keryn artistically captures a wedding’s real moments alongside its elegant details, crafting a poetic story awash with authenticity.


Keryn is unbelievably talented and did an incredible job photographing our wedding despite it taking place during a state of emergency!

We’re grateful for Keryn’s adaptability and calming nature, she was an absolute dream to work with and we’re so thankful for these photos which we’ll treasure forever. Keryn captured our day perfectly, torrential rain and all!


The creativity, uniqueness and modern perspective that comes out of New Zealand always makes waves on the international bridal stage for all the right reasons. This stunning, stripped back editorial by Keryn Sweeney is no different.

It’s modern simplicity meets an ethereal aesthetic through perfectly capturing the light and playing with textures with a blush veil. The theme of triangles subtly continues throughout the editorial with them being present in every shot – through shaping light, fabric and poses and of beautiful lines of the gowns.



Keryn Sweeney


Hello, I'm an Auckland based wedding and editorial photographer. My partner Jamie and I have two little girls, they are loads of fun, very strong willed and will most definitely keep us on our toes in their teens.

Photography is a massive part of my life both at home and for work. I love to capture moments and tell stories in a captivating, creative and organic way.

I love exploring new places and feel incredibly lucky I get to travel a lot for my job.