What advice would you give to the camera-shy couple?

Do you do albums and additional prints?

Yes, absolutely. I'm here to help you all the way through, from wedding prep to the final product. There is a whole range options. Please get in touch, I'll send you my detailed price guide.

There is also a print store attached to your online gallery you'll receive with all wedding packages, so family and friends can easily order prints, and have to them delivered to their door with a few easy steps.

Printing has a life, a tangible beauty and something wonderfully characteristic that you just don’t feel from an image on a screen.

I print my photographs for couples on hand cut Hahnemühle fine art paper which give an almost three-dimensional appearance and colour depth when matched with high end inkjet printing.

The Fine Art Books that I produce are second to none. Thanks to my supplier, Folio Albums, the matt paper books are stunningly handmade in New Zealand and designed to last a lifetime. Of course, these are an investment, but one I recommend more than anything else when it comes to preserving your wedding day memories.

I get asked this allot, in fact so many of my clients are very camera shy. My advice is to drink Champagne, eat food, have fun. Enjoy the party you have spent months planning. When the light gets really nice, let’s go for a walk and put all your focus into the person who just became your forever.

Don’t look at the camera. It’s not about smiling, it’s about having an amazing time and capturing that. My experience allows me to help ease camera anxiety by knowing when to push or step back.


What is your refund policy around Covid 19?

I understand it's a scary time to commit to booking vendors, I myself am in the process of planning a wedding. Many of my clients have been affected by Covid and I have been working alongside them with changing dates, downsizing to the elopement package and have refunded deposits when necessary. I am here to help.

are you fully vaccinated?

Mainly because I get asked a lot by NZ couples.

Yes, I am and I'm also very excited to be taking international bookings again now we can travel again.