Young, wild and free. It was such dream to capture Nikki and her gorgeous girls, one wild winters day out in Piha. The rain stopped for us just as we started, the light was magic and there was just enough wind for all that incredible hair.

Thanks so much for the kind words Nikki x

This recent shoot was the third one we’ve shot with Keryn, and every time has been an absolute dream with an indelible result.  Her photographic style and relaxed energy ensures that you want to wallpaper your house in every photo.This time was a little different, after a year of big changes I asked Keryn to capture the three of us so we could always remember this moment in time.  My hope was the happiness in change would shine through in all of us.  When she sent me the first gallery to look through I spent the day Kimmy K crying….lots of happy tears.These photos are everything and more, and will be treasured by the three of us forever as they symbolize more than just a pretty picture.  They show me there is sunlight after the storm.  Thank you Keryn, there are no words to describe your talent x